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Why Cross Family Multispeciality?

Complete Management from your Entry to Exit

The International Patient Services will assist you in putting together a treatment plan, assist with obtaining a visa, set up an airport pickup, and make hotel reservations. We can even help you with any sightseeing trips you might want to take once you’ve recovered. Coordinating, appointment scheduling, providing medical care and advice, and ensuring your comfort and wellbeing are a few of the services offered.

Qualified Doctors

The medical professionals at Cross Family Multispeciality are well-known in the field and respected for their expertise. An expert heads each department. Together, our doctors deliver the best possible patient care with the goal of accelerating healing and recovery.

Qualified Doctors

Our senior physicians are winners of prestigious awards and have received training from some of the top medical institutions in India and around the globe.

Experienced Doctors

All of your medical needs can be met by qualified medical professionals with years of experience.

Research and innovation

Some of our senior physicians are pioneers in research and innovation and have contributed to publications in the field that have won honors.

Our Approach Towards Treatment

The Department of Integrative Medicine is utilizing technology and science to incorporate herbal medicine, Ayurveda, and the science of yoga into modern medicine.

Clinical yoga therapy

Each patient receives a specific yoga program. Patients’ families are also given access to yoga classes.

Customised ayurvedic treatment

Patients with cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, urological conditions, and orthopedic conditions receive special attention from our Ayurvedic therapies.

Healing Garden with ayurvedic herbs

Patients can enjoy the outdoors in our Spice Garden while still being in a clean, safe environment.

Use of Latest Technologies

Cross Family Multispeciality is equipped with cutting-edge technology, medical equipment, and infrastructure that can handle challenging cases.

Precision and safety

When it comes to the use of technology, Cross Family Multispeciality is recognized for its clinical expertise.

Patient experience

Utilizing modern technology speeds up recovery and improves patient outcomes.

Advance technologies

We can design individualized treatment plans for our patients thanks to various technologies.

Quality of Services

Several national accrediting organizations have given Cross family their seal of approval. This demonstrates Cross family’s commitment to providing high-quality patient care. 

Best Private Hospital in India

‘Doctor-led’ hospitals run by knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals

Sophisticated labs

Patients can enjoy the outdoors in our Spice Garden while still being in a clean, safe environment.

Pre Admission Process

And Finally Prepare for Departure

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Post Arrival Coordination

Treatment and Discharge

What Documents Should You Carry?

Payment Options

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